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ABACUS provides a single standardised platform for recording, quality assuring, storing and exporting marine ecological data whilst ensuring compliance with nationally and internationally recognised data standards.



Through its live link to theĀ World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS), ABACUS ensures data records and exports are based on the most up to date and authoritative list of species names available.


Compliant with nationally and internationally recognised data standards (MEDIN) and industry recognised best practice guidelines (NMBAQC).


Grant external users secure web access to specific projects within ABACUS providing complete transparency and real-time insight into project progress to clients and external partners.


Centrally managed controlled vocabularies. Lastest up-to-date vocabularies from SeaDataNet, ICES and BODC. With ability to create and manage in house vocabularies if required.


Built-in analysis workflows for Macrobenthic and Partical Size Analysis, including optional quality control processing tasks for quality assurance.


Developed to facilitate single click exports of general and detailed metadata required for compliance with MEDIN, GEMINI and ISO standards.


With automatic calculations from from Particle Size Analysis data, instant alerts of incorrect or missing data and a dedicated data quality report when exporting data, ABACUS has the features to maintain high standards of data quality.

Quick and accurate

Copy taxa identifications from another sample or import in bulk using 'MEDIN' style taxa matrix to quickly and accurately start entering taxa identification data.

ABACUS has resulted in significant time saving for our organisation.

Ross Griffin, Ocean Ecology Ltd